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Our specialist team is dedicated to assisting clients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. We pride ourselves in excellent client care and professionalism.

Challenging Sections

We are experienced solicitor advocates in challenging detentions and we provide:

  • Judicial Review of unlawful decisions made by the Mental Health Second Tier Tribunal, NHS Trusts, Social Services and Local Authorities.

  • Applications for immediate release

  • Representation at Mental Health Tribunals and Hospital Managers’ hearings.

  • Appealing and advising patients subject to civil and forensic sectioning

  • Advising nearest relatives on their powers under the Mental Health Act.

  • Acting for patients and nearest relatives in relation to displacement proceedings in the County Court.

  • Acting for prisoners with mental health issues.

  • Appeals to the Upper Tier Tribunal.

  • Human Rights Act challenges.

  • Advice on Consent to Treatment provisions under the Mental Health Act.

  • Representation in S117 and CPA meetings​

  • Legal aid funding and private funding available

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