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Child Custody & Live With Orders

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Our specialist Italian and English Family solicitors are here to guide you through the process, help parents and guardians to resolve issues, and set clear guidelines when it comes to the custody of children.


We support clients to reach an amicable solution without a court application. We can represent clients and assist them with direct communication, initiate negotiation between solicitors or the use of collaborative law and mediation.


A mediator can help you and your ex-partner agree on child arrangements, without taking sides. Paul Wilson is a Family Solicitor, Mediator registered with the Family Mediation Council and accredited by Resolution.

Mediation can help you agree things such as:

  • where your children will live

  • when they spend time with each parent

  • when and what other types of contact take place

  • child maintenance payments


When is mediation suitable?

You must show you’ve attended a meeting to see if mediation is right for you before applying to a court. You will not have to go in certain cases, for example if there’s been domestic abuse, one of your live outside the jurisdiction or social services are involved.

You can ask a court to decide on anything you have not already agreed.

Our Italian speaking English and Welsh qualified solicitors can help you reach an amicable decision with the help of a mediator to avoid court costs.


If you cannot agree then you will need to apply for a court order.

Before the court makes a decision, it might ask you try mediation again or go on a course to help you resolve issues.

If you cannot reach an agreement, it may be necessary to apply for a court order.

Types of court orders:


A ‘child arrangements order’ decides:

  • where your child lives

  • when your child spends time with each parent

  • when and what other types of contact take place (phone calls, for example)


A ‘specific issue order’ is used to look at a specific question about how the child is being brought up, for example:

  • what school they go to

  • if they should have a religious education

  • if they are allowed to travel abroad with one parent, where consent to travel abroad is denied


You can also apply for a ‘prohibited steps order’ to stop the other parent from making a decision about the child’s upbringing.

Who can apply for a child arrangements or child custody order?

  • The child’s mother

  • father

  • anyone with parental responsibility 

  • Others like grandparents or aunts and uncles can apply for these court orders. They will need to get permission from the courts first.


If you need help, our Italian speaking specialist family lawyers can be contacted on

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