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We have an experienced specialised team who can assist you in your Family Law, Child Law, Court of Protection, Mental Health and Immigration matters to ensure a good quality in a cost-effective manner.
Private Clients


Before instructing us, you will be told how we calculate our charges and this will also be put in writing to you in our client care letter. Whenever possible we will give you a detailed breakdown of the estimated total costs, whether these are our own fees or for an external resource such as a barrister or expert. As with all solicitors, we require your authority to make these payments, known as disbursements, to other people on your behalf.


In litigation matters you may be able to recover your costs from the opposing party if you win your case.


Private Funding of Family cases


In all the privately funded cases, we aim to offer fair prices. If you are consulting us about family proceedings, we can offer you a number of hourly rate or fixed fee packages.


We keep our prices as transparent as possible so that there are no hidden extras. Please note that it is not possible for us to discount Court fees or other disbursements. We will advise you if Court appearances are necessary in your case and how to control and minimise your costs wherever possible. 


Public Funding


Stefani Solicitors undertakes work funded by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) in Court of Protection and Mental Health Matters. Public funding is a system of government funding, administered by the LAA, for those who cannot afford to pay for legal advice and representation. 


Many household and motor insurance policies include cover for legal costs. You may wish to check the policy wording of your existing insurances to find out if this is an option in your case.


Please contact us so that we can assess what funding may be available to you.

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