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Challenging Sections

We are experienced solicitor advocates in challenging detentions and we provide:

  • Judicial Review of unlawful decisions made by the Mental Health Second Tier Tribunal, NHS Trusts, Social Services and Local Authorities.

  • Applications for immediate release

  • Representation at Mental Health Tribunals and Hospital Managers’ hearings.

  • Appealing and advising patients subject to civil and forensic sectioning

  • Advising nearest relatives on their powers under the Mental Health Act.

  • Acting for patients and nearest relatives in relation to displacement proceedings in the County Court.

  • Acting for prisoners with mental health issues.

  • Appeals to the Upper Tier Tribunal.

  • Human Rights Act challenges.

  • Advice on Consent to Treatment provisions under the Mental Health Act.

  • Representation in S117 and CPA meetings​

  • Legal aid funding and private funding available

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